Our Story

Everyone has a story, welcome to ours!

My name is Isaiah Klassen! I'm a 12 year old entrepreneur who wants to change the world. My mother used to say to me, " Isaiah, if you can create something that can change a person's life, you’re  a millionaire!" I believed her! I wanted to make a difference. So I got to work on trying to find a big problem. My mom's friends always used to say that their beauty products always have toxic chemicals in them. I did some research and it turned out that they were right! Beauty products today have chemicals that can give you skin cancer and other horrible consequences. I went to work reading and studying organics. I made a formula and with feedback perfected it! I testing on some women and they loved it!

I then decided to go big! Creating a website and great prices. I did courses after course studying  business, marketing and sales. Then I created finished off with a bio, " Superior Skin. Superior Health.Our desire to establish Organics Perfected, was to create better products with cleaner ingredients that improve people's lives. Your Skin is your biggest organ; It deserves only the most exquisite natural products. The question is, do you want skin care products that have unnecessary, synthetic, detrimental chemicals that burn the skin right off your body over time! Or you can buy Organics Perfected's 100% natural products that clean your skin and soothe your soul!"




Our Mission